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Dandelion Movie on

Many years ago I made a short video with my daughter Muneera. I describe it this way: One take with no editing or music. A natural cinematic experience is created and seen: a moment alone with dandelions, a struggle for the camera, a shift from father to daughter in point of view and philosophy.

Curators Jamie Jenkinson and Amy Dickson are featuring Dandelion Movie with other works as part of their program present(s) on

How can the present be valued/prioritised/lived in creative practice? present(s) is a selection of videos that appear to favour this temporality, featuring: Zara Joan Miller, Alex OB, John Seth, Jessica Karuhanga, Nicky Hamlyn, Lydia Ourahmane, Jesús Ascanio, Sarah Harbridge, Usama Alshaibi, and co-programmers Amy Dickson and Jamie Jenkinson.