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New Year

As I reflect back I realize I don’t fully understand this life and reality. But I’m trying to let go of worry, let go of bitterness, let go of negative patterns, and to embrace wonder, kindness, laughter and compassion. I think there is something profound and also absurd about being human. I’m content with this beauty and chaos swirling in me. I used to think I needed so much, and I realize that I don’t need much, and I love being alone. But I am spending more time with my daughter—trying to spend more time in the forests and mountains, and more time listening to the whispers from the night and moon. I’m inspired. I also have someone in my life, a partner that I keep close to my heart and her love is everything. I feel revived through her.

It really is up to us to help one another on this planet. Take care my friends and keep creating and connecting and stay hopeful as we enter this new year together.