The Green Room

film by Usama Alshaibi
starring: Tom Gilbert & Nicole Salm
assistant editor Kristie Alshaibi
art direction Kristi Petitpren

In the green room a couple waits, anticipating their own performance.

“Usama Alshaibi’s The Green Room opens with a man and woman being aggressively interrogated by the filmmaker about their sexual frustrations before it comes unhinged with manic editing and glancingly hardcore shots of a couple employing a strap-on to break out of their dull bedroom routine.”
-Paul Malcolm, LA Weekly, Dec 7-13, 2001)

CineKink at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (January2007) 
CineKink NYC at Anthology Film Archive (October 2006)
Chicago Underground Showcase, Hinterzimmer (Austria 2003)
eKsperim[E]nt3 Film Festival (Manila, Philippines 2003)
Coney Island Underground Short Film Festival (New York 2001)
kinoKulture, The Horse Hospital (London 2001)
Pink Bubble Bath: The Sexy Film Festival (Los Angeles 2001)