16mm film; b&w and color; 4:00 (2000)

By Usama Alshaibi
Based on a nightmare, this is a retelling of a lost fairytale.

“Usama Alshaibi’s Dogirl… reminds me of early Werner Schroeter.”
-Johnathan Rosenbaum (Chicago Reader, May 19, 2001)

Piotr Tokarski (Muhammad Piotv)
Colleen Walker (Coco Nizzelle)

Katya Mustafa
Lydia De La Cruz

Anxiety FIlms 4th Mini-Shock Film Festival (Los Angeles 2004)
Chicago Underground Showcase, Hinterzimmer (Austria 2003)
Storefront Film Fest (Chicago 2001)
Undershorts Film Festival (Chicago 2001)
The Boston Underground Film Festival (2001)
The Z Film Festival (Chicago 2000)
Around The Coyote Arts Festival, Curators Choice (Chicago 2000)