Convulsion Expulsion


35mm film (Using antique 35mm DeVry camera)
[6:00 minutes, completed January, 2004]

(available on Solar Anus Cinema)

Directed & Edited by Usama Alshaibi
Music by Andy Ortmann
Cinematography by Andrew Dryer
Starring Echoplasm
Performed by Kristie Alshaibi
Executive Producer Roy DeMonde
Make-Up by Camilla Ha

“Forcibly torn from the mythos, Echo struggles with her reemergence as a physical being. A malfunction in the mind leads to the trauma of a body turning inside out. How long can a phantom made of pure sound be trapped as solid and visible matter? She will no doubt stain the cold sterility of this experiment before accepting her fate as an object of our observation.”- Kristie Alshaibi

“Convulsion Expulsion, dir. Usama Alshaibi. As I said, I’ve tried not to compare Incarnation to L’erotisme too much, but I have to point out that once again Alshaibi provides the most outrageous, over-the-top film to this collection as he did to the first one. Also again, what we get is a filmed performance piece starring Alshaibi’s wife, Kristie Alshaibi, who goes by the name Echoplasm here. This alter ego is a naked, white painted, bandage-wrapped nightmare vision who convulses until blood spews from her every orifice. It starts with a thick syrupy-paste drooling out of her mouth to a geyser erupting out of her butt, in a scary special effect that I think is the only one I’m not sure I want to know how they did it. But, it’s hypnotically spooky and, in some ways, oddly pretty to watch.”-from BadLit, Incarnation DVD review by Mike Everleth

“An adventure in pornographic surrealism, CONVULSION EXPULSION redefines the term “Money Shot”. Blinding footage and a sea of of synthetic noise compliment this short’s volcanic conclusion…CONVULSION EXPULSION will leave a stain on your brain and quite possibly your shoes.”-Cucalorus Annual Festival of Independent Film

“The film has visuals as shocking to the eye as this music may be to some ears. A women painted like a china doll, and wrapped in gauze, twitches and gyrates in various states of nudity. She lurches like a robot as she projects what we hope is fake blood out of her anus, which she proceeds to rub over her legs, vagina and nude body. The film brings to mind the work of the Vienna Actionists, or perhaps more appropriately the work of Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley whose works drew strongly from the model set forth by them.”

“Première option: acheter le DVD L’Erotisme, qui rassemble les perles du cinéma Abattoir. Je donne un exemple: le court-métrage Ass (2001) montre une jeune femme qui se fait jouir en se mettant deux doigts –ou trois ?- dans l’anus. A quatre pattes, elle se masturbe, prise en sandwich entre deux caméras (une de face, une de derrière, littéralement) dont les images se succèdent à une vitesse telle qu’au bout de deux minutes l’image de son visage en train de jouir se superpose à l’image de sa main en train de masturber.

L’effet stroboscopique est tel que l’on croit voir les deux doigts pénétrer le visage, qui se transforme alors en organe de plaisir mutant. Ses doigts pénètrent son visage par saccades voluptueuses, ses traits se tordent, elle gémit (son distordu). Elle finit par avoir un orgasme. Les images reviennent lentement à la normale… jusqu’à ce que l’on découvre le pot aux roses.

Séquence hypnotique, signée par un réalisateur né à Bagdad, vivant à Chicago – Usama Alshaibi. La jeune femme est son épouse. Connue sous son nom d’artiste comme “Echo transgression”, elle affirme qu’elle est “une porn-star extra-terrestre qui entend des voix transmises directement dans sa tête par le biais d’une antenne implantée dans sa colonne vertébrale”. Je ne sais pas à quel degré il faut prendre ces propos, mais ils témoignent bien de l’esprit Abattoir. ”

BUTFF in Netherlands, September 9-13, 2009
Extrapool in Nijmegen, Netherlands March 20, 2009
Erotic Subversives, Cinema Abattoir, iLLUSEUM (Amsterdam, November, 2008)
The Last Picture Show: curated by Jack Sargeant Horse Hospital, London (Sept. 2006)
The Lucky Cat (Williamsburg, New York City, April 2005)
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (2004 Switzerland )
Channel 83 festival of media (Florence, Italy 2004)
Camp Film Festival (U.S.A 2004)
Cucalorus Annual Festival of Independent Film (2004)