Filmmakers Respond to Covid-19
190 seconds per filmmaker

Filmmakers Usama Alshaibi and Adam Sekuler are curating a response to the Coronavirus pandemic with a short film program with select filmmakers. The spirit of this collective expression is a way to mark our time as artists and documentarians during this unique crisis.

We are asking each filmmaker to create a short film that is exactly 190 seconds long to be included in a program that will run approximately 70 minutes.

You are free to make a film about anything you want, but it has to be made specifically for Cinema-19 and somehow be connected to our current pandemic. You have a lot of freedom to interpret that anyway you like. We are planning on making this work copyright free, and to be widely available to the general public and other film and art institutions.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Make a film that is exactly 190 seconds that is some sort of response to this pandemic. It can take on any form or style you wish.
  • Must have sound.
  • Your film must be 1920 X 1080, 23.97 fps and in ProRes.
  • Do not add a title or any credit. All the filmmakers will be credited at the end of the program. You do have the option of adding additional people with your credit that helped you with your film.
  • Please submit your work before May 30th
  • You can send your movie file to