By Usama Alshaibi and Echo Transgression

Ass is a pornographic vivisection that attacks the optic nerves and creates a conflict within the body.

“In Ass, sexual pleasure is achieved individually with no negative consequences… The rapid editing of Ass compels the spectator to look while simultaneously hindering the chance to scan and objectify the image. The role of the spectator as anonymous voyeur is challenged as the volume of the woman’s groan in Ass gets louder. Its extreme volume makes the spectator conscious of his/her gaze and so the sexual act on display is seen as the protagonist’s pleasure, not the spectator’s.”
-Albert Fung (Senses of Cinema)

“Goerges Bataille described the female anus as more blinding than the sun. Find out why.” -Jack Sargeant

Eluparcettecrapule,¬†XPER ‘EROS, France (October 20, 2011)
Exploding Cinema, London (18th December 2009)
Erotic Subversives, Cinema Abattoir, iLLUSEUM (Amsterdam, November, 2008)
CineKink NYC at Anthology Film Archive (October 2006)
The Orphanage group show (New York 2003)
Melbourne Underground Film Festival(Australia, 2002)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (2001)
Chicago Deep Dish Underground Film Extraviganza (London 2001)
Light Plays Tricks Short Film Festival (Kingston, Ontario 2001)