By Usama Alshaibi
(60 minutes, 2002)

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World Premiere at the 2002 Chicago Underground Film Festival

“Formally, an intriguing depiction of video as forward motion, or as technology of road movies and dreams. Alshaibi intercuts footage of a Southeastern Asian trip with a young man’s venereal disease-influenced fantasies of a strange young woman.” – Ray Pride (Newcity, August 22, 2002)

Film by Usama Alshaibi
Produced by Kristie Alshaibi and Artvamp

Tom G and Echo Transgression

Spencer Eli Simons, Colleen Walker,
Piotr Tokarski, Camilla Ha, Phung H. Tran

“An Optimal Embrace for Knifing”
Magic is Kuntmaster

Live performance
Lovely Little Girls