Signal Cross Over

video. 3:24 minutes. color. March 2007

By Usama Alshaibi and Kristie Alshaibi

Audio and Performance by Kristie
Edit and Videography by Usama

“Signal Cross Over is about assisted love suicide and the noisy transition into the afterlife. He is dead and, with his guidance, she will join him via a ritualized live cremation process. Shot on an old studio tube camera from 1983, all effects were done live with alcohol, glass, fire, and lights. The sounds were also created using old technology: a burning ear cone/candle, a police scanner, and a Theremin. The music of the afterlife consists of old-time Gospel, Hindu devotionals, an Islamic call to prayer, and pre-Christian Celtic folk singing. The songs were shredded, performed, and then remixed to signify all of the souls passing on.” -Kristie Alshaibi

Featured in Vice Magazine

Oakland, California December 4, 2009
Extrapool in Nijmegen, Netherlands March 20, 2009
Moviside Sci-Fi Spectacular- Music Box Theater Chicago May 2007