My Third Painting

HD and analog video; color; stereo; 2:26 min, 2009
By Usama Alshaibi

“Here’s the literal definition of “art cinema”: Usama Alshaibi’s short piece ‘My Third Painting,’ which plays like a cross between Jackson Pollock, traditional glass plane animation, and a phone call from your drug dealer. You know, part horror movie, part abstract expressionism”.-By Mike Everleth from Bad Lit

“Is terrorism inside all of us? A paradox of fear and awareness… and through that a kind of relief. “-Usama Alshaibi

The National Museum, PERFORMANCE INTERMEDIA, Poland, June 16-20, 2010
Chicago Underground Film Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center 2009
Extrapool in Nijmegen, Netherlands March 20, 2009