Independent Iraqi Film Festival plays my Baba Boom Boom

تتبع العراق: سينما الموجة الجديدة

٢٢ أغسطس| ٨:٣٠ م بغداد| ٦:٣٠ م المملكة المتحدة.
العرض على موقعنا الرسمي

يستعرض برنامج الأفلام القصيرة الأول في المهرجان بعنوان “تتبع العراق: سينما الموجة الجديدة” الحياة داخل العراق من وجهة نظر مجتمعاته المتنوعة والأساليب الإبداعية لصناعة السينما في البلاد. وفي هذا الإطار، يصور فيلم “سبيّة” (٢٠١٩) للمخرج العراقي ضياء جودة امرأة يزيدية في وادي أحد الجبال شمالي العراق. أما فيلم “لم تكن وحيدة” (٢٠١٩) للمخرج العراقي حسين الأسدي فيسلط الضوء على صلابة وقوة تحمل النساء العراقيات الريفيات؛ حيث يصور امرأة تعيش مستقلة في أهوار العراق ولها طريقة عيش مميزة مع بيئتها. وعلى العكس … Read the rest

CINE-FILE review of American Arab for BEST OF CUFF

Usama Alshaibi’s AMERICAN ARAB (US/Documentary)

About halfway through AMERICAN ARAB, Marwan Kamel, a local Chicago musician of Syrian and Polish descent, sums up the knotty problem of carving out an identity in a country not fond of ambiguity, and offers this solution: “Give people the space to be complicated.” It’s something of a thesis for director Usama Alshaibi’s complex and extremely personal documentary. The core of the movie traces Alshaibi’s life through family photos and home movies as he bounces from Iraq to Iowa to Chicago, occasionally doubling back. In AMERICAN ARAB he examines how this sense of impermanence, coupled … Read the rest

American Arab at Best of CUFF Virtual Fest

The Chicago Underground Film Festival has been playing my films since 1998! Holy shit. If it wasn’t for Bryan and CUFF I would not be who I am today. They asked me if I had any fun stories about CUFF… and I have so many. Some are epic and shall not be repeated and others I can barely remember, lol. But it was my friendships and connections with all the wonderful folks at CUFF, and the filmmakers that I feel a kinship with– it was an extension of everything that I loved about Chicago and this more fringe set of … Read the rest

The Desire Virtual World Premiere at Revelation Perth International Film Festival

The Desire will be having a virtual world premiere at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival COUCHED program which will run online from July 9-19.

COUCHED offers tailored viewing experiences to 30+ of the finest features and documentaries from across the world. In addition, it will feature live panels, talks, presentations and short films. In fact, as close to a full festival experience as possible.

Films will be available for rent for a 24 hour period through the fest. Tickets and passes are on sale now.

Usama Talk – The Spring Pandemic

Audio stories and reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic from March 14th to April 26th, 2020.

Voices from Usama Alshaibi, Talia Watrous and Muneera Alshaibi. Additional media clips include Doctor Facui, Doctor Suraj Saggar and Donald Trump with reporters.

Interview in Westword about coronavirus and new film

Like everyone else, Colorado filmmaker Usama Alshaibi’s life has been changed by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a teacher at Colorado State University, he found himself putting his classes online. And as a filmmaker whose work straddles transgressive cinema and documentary, often exploring Arab-American identity and his own experiences as an Iraqi refugee turned United States citizen, Alshaibi made a short, meditative landscape video about the strange historical moment we’re living through. It lasts just shy of a minute.

We caught up with Alshaibi to find out how he’s navigating the pandemic, to learn how it has affected his creative practice, and to discover … Read the rest

New Year

As I reflect back I realize I don’t fully understand this life and reality. But I’m trying to let go of worry, let go of bitterness, let go of negative patterns, and to embrace wonder, kindness, laughter and compassion. I think there is something profound and also absurd about being human. I’m content with this beauty and chaos swirling in me. I used to think I needed so much, and I realize that I don’t need much, and I love being alone. But I am spending more time with my daughter—trying to spend more time in the forests and Read the rest